Exclusive BRITTO Products

Our collabration width world renowned artist Romero Britto to create exclusive and premium products have been an overwhelming success. "Happy Art Movements" and his creative artistry have added incredible value to our product line and gave us a new dimension in merchandising.

Romero Britto

Printed Digital Photos

All different size of printed photos and digital copies are available to purchase. We only print to order and our DNP printers print a picture in 20 seconds.


Our AI powered cloudbase SMART LOCATION program enables us to create many different media types from one single capture. Our live and 3D video products are one of a kind and instantly socially shareable.


Using powerful HD cameras and cloud base servers, we create a selfie that encompasses the entire attraction's elevation in one short gif file or a video. From a focused selfie to a wide angle perspective. Zoom selfie gives a new dimension to concept of souvenir photo.


Our wildly successful slider product is so popular that we are building an entire website dedicated to different types of educational and fun concepts. Started as a supplemental product, sliders became a mainskey product.

Sliders Before
Sliders After